I’m a marketing manager and graphic designer currently working in Calhoun, GA. I am happily spending my days using the Adobe Creative Suite creating modern, fun and appropriately branded designs for our 5 different marketing segments.

In 6th grade I discovered a website called Horseland where you could buy, compete, breed and sell horses. Each horse was allowed one photo and it was through this site that I learned how to use Photoshop in order to create an image that had multiple photos of a horse and unique typography showing the horse's name. Shortly after I inherited a small RPG that over the years I designed and coded multiple versions of as I learned more about HTML/CSS and Photoshop. In high school I continued to develop my photoshop skills in my photography class where I learned a lot about photo editing. I also used Indesign in my yearbook class to create spreads for our yearbook and help edit photos. 

Thanks to my love of horses I have discovered my passion for design and found a career I enjoy. In my current position I am challenged by having a variety of deliverables including tradeshow graphics and signage, video advertisements, tear sheets, flyers, brochures, web promos, catalogues, invitations and presentations. 

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family, horseback riding, baking, and reading.